A Passion for History

I have mentioned before that my son loves history. We are currently studying the early People of North America well before the European settlers arrived!  We are in the process of make a lap book of the book, www.homeschoolshare.com   If you were Iroquois. My Uncle is a Mohawk Indian and so were are going to focus do some more research on that Iroquois Nation.  

We will continue with American History through the colonial times and and revolutionary war and many field trips! Plimouth Plantationhttp://www.plimoth.org/ ,  to Boston to walk the freedom trail http://lessonsonliberty.com/  , to Connecticut to visit the Museum at Fox woodshttp://www.pequotmuseum.org/ .  We are very fortunate to be living in Massachusetts, where there is so much History.

We will be using a lot of different literature as we explore, our countries beginnings. We will be reading Magic tree house books, the If you lived with series of books. We will also be using the Usborne book of World History.   Along with many others!!!



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