Are you an Unschooler?

I often get asked if we are unschoolers. I never know how to answer that question. What do they mean by unschooler? Do they mean relaxed homeschooler, or radical unschooler? Or just unschooling for school but not the rest of life? And how do you really separate the two!
• We don’t use a curriculum
• We do some school work
• We don’t do “school” everyday but are learning all the time
• My kids sleep when they are tired, I encourage them to listen to their body to make sure it is getting enough rest, but I do make them go to bed at a decent time
• I make meals and encourage them to eat them, I also encourage them to listen to their bodies and eat what they need. My kitchen does close! I am not a short order 24 hour chef!
• My kids play a lot of video games and watch TV use computers, with few limits. Some shows are not appropriate and the TV and computers are for everyone and must be shared!
• My kids have chores as part of a family, I am not the maid!!!
• My kids are living now and not waiting to grow up to start their live
• We try to avoid rules to just have rules!
• We do require everyone to be safe, kind, and respectful!!
• Everyone has an opinion and it matters!!
So I guess it depends on your definition of the word. But I really dislike labels, so I would my answer is no. We are just all living and learning together!
Here are some links with more information about Unschooling


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