LEGOS <3   Here is a great Lego Lap book I have found! I love Legos! I love when I can make learning not look so much like school. I love when we can combine play, math, science, geography all in to one lesson!!  There some great links to this. We read about the creation […]

Homeschooling on the cheap

I know many families who spend a LOT of money on boxed curriculum’s for there kids. Some are really good.  But you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a great home school curriculum you don’t need to spend much at all. What i have bought Life of Fred, that will be used by […]

Panic Time?

We went to the library today and ran in to several friends.  A few of the moms attended a homeschool conference the end of last week and over the weekend. So they were in panic mood. Am I doing enough? Are we doing to much? Oh wait what about that curriculum? I don’t buy boxed […]

You can come Too, Too, Too! Our trip to the zoo in pictures!

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo How about You You You….

We put on our brave pants this morning and ventured to the zoo during April Vacation week!!! OK maybe we put on our What are we thinking pants!!! It was Crazy crowded!! But we all had a great time!! We met several friends there. The kids had a great time talking with friends and exploring […]

A Passion for History

I have mentioned before that my son loves history. We are currently studying the early People of North America well before the European settlers arrived!  We are in the process of make a lap book of the book,   If you were Iroquois. My Uncle is a Mohawk Indian and so were are going to […]

So much to learning happen durring the fun…

Today we went to the New England Aquarium. We had a great time.  We took the commuter rail and the subway and took a walk though the city. I love Boston. It was a trip full of fun and learning.  The kids had a great time.  Some of the things we learned through out the […]


I honestly don’t know who loves the park more me or the kids!!!!  We are part of a wonderful homeschool village. We gather often  at least for park days to let the kids get out and run off some energy. So much more is happening than running and playing!! Kids are make connections. Forming friendships. but […]

Come Join us in the Magic Tree House

We love reading, Magic Tree House Books by Mary Pope Osborne. Many of the Magic Tree House  books also have wonderful research guides to go with them. Full of “facts behind the fiction” (the back of  the book Leprechauns and Irish Folklore) they have lead to so much more learning after finish the story. My son spent […]

Our Newest passion Lap Books

Our latest passion Lap booking!!! We have created them on Sharks, Lizards, we are working on one on Space, and will be doing on weather as part of our Nim’s Island literature study. It is a great way to wrap up a unit study as we are doing with one on space. To learn about […]