Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo How about You You You….

We put on our brave pants this morning and ventured to the zoo during April Vacation week!!! OK maybe we put on our What are we thinking pants!!! It was Crazy crowded!! But we all had a great time!! We met several friends there. The kids had a great time talking with friends and exploring the zoo. We saw most of the zoo, before we were all done with the crowd!

We purchased a membership to the Roger Williams Park Zoo. With our membership there we can also get in to the Boston Museum of Science for free! So a few trips to the zoo and it is paid off, and we can go explore science for free.  I got the membership that I can bring an additional adult and 4 children.

I highly recommend into getting a membership somewhere, to extend your homeschooling and field trip adventures. We do use alot of library passes for places we know we wont make out in the deal of a membership.

Some fun ways to expand your adventures to the zoo would be to make lap books from www.homeschoolshare.com  We also got some library books about the different things we would be seeing.

I plan to take the gang to the zoo as part of a world geography lesson I am attepting to pull together. We will go to look at and learn about the animals of a specific content.  We were able to see the Bison we read about in our study of native Americans.

I love to be able to get out of the house and explore.


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