Nim’s Island Part 1

Today we are starting a Literature study on the book Nim’s Island. I found it at We are doing it with some friends The children are ages 2-11 so I have modified it a bit from what the website says. Today is day one we will be reading the first chapter of the book together, talking about some of the vocabulary words. Talking about ocean life and the animals mentioned the weather on the island and the ocean.
For homework they can make a poster or lap book about one of the animals to share, if they choose to. I have a bunch of books on the animals from the book, about the ocean and weather. My daughter did a lizard lap book the other night. She wanted to do a lap book and I could not find one (ready to print) that was just on Iguanas. She wanted to do it right then so I did not have time to create one from scratch. My son wants to do a weather lap book. We will be starting that this morning, (I hope)!
For the little ones I will have paper and crayons. They can also read the other books we will have.
Stay tuned for more on Nim’s Island.

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