Our Newest passion Lap Books

Our latest passion Lap booking!!! We have created them on Sharks, Lizards, we are working on one on Space, and will be doing on weather as part of our Nim’s Island literature study. It is a great way to wrap up a unit study as we are doing with one on space. To learn about a specific topic; my son wanted to know more about sharks so we did a shark lap book, To put all the information he learned all together. We also use them to extend what we are learning.
Lap Books are great for all ages. Depending on the topic and age of the child they can be very simple or more complex.
There are several websites with great information on lap books and how to create them along with ones that all you need to do is print, cut, paste, write in your information and assemble. They can take a few hours to a few days or weeks to complete depending on how complex they are and how your child likes to work.

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