Panic Time?

We went to the library today and ran in to several friends.  A few of the moms attended a homeschool conference the end of last week and over the weekend. So they were in panic mood. Am I doing enough? Are we doing to much? Oh wait what about that curriculum?

I don’t buy boxed curriculum. They have there place for some families, and some kids. I follow my kids interest! We do use some things, like Kumon Math work books and Life of Fred Math. We have used Apologia Science Astronomy. But for the most part we use the library and the world around us. For science right now we are doing Nature science. We explore the great outdoors with our Nature Class once a week. We do follow up reading and lap books to go with our studies there. We do a History Class with a friend, we just finished up a study of Native American we are still working on our Iroquois lap book. It is long but we are learning so much.   I encourage my kids to read books tehy are interested in.

I have had those moments where I question everything I am doing, I then stop and look at all that my children do know and all that they are learning all the time.

Stop Breath and trust yourself!



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