St Patricks Day From the History Channel


I Recived this in an Email from the HistoryChannel


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 Visit our special St. Patrick’s Day website!
Each year on March 17th, waves of green sweep through major American cities as hundreds of thousands of people participate in St. Patrick’s Day events nationwide. features a special interactive website which includes information about the history of St. Patrick’s Day, video clips, and background context about the history of Irish immigration to the U.S. Educators and students can find helpful information for St. Patrick’s Day events and research projects at this site, with fun additions including recipes. The video clips on this site give teachers an opportunity to spark classroom discussions about U.S. immigration history, how holidays are made and transformed, and the nature of ethnic identity in the United States.
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Visit the St. Patrick’s Day website
Find great St. Patrick’s Day recipes
St. Patrick’s Day by the Numbers

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